Featured Projects

At Skipper Limited, Transmission Towers are viewed not just as a Product, but as a Service. From designing and assembling each component to the delivery of a customized product, Skipper is present along the entire value chain.

Some of our showcase projects include -

  • 765 KV D/C Nellore Kurnool Transmission Line
  • Skipper has been the lead supplier to Nellore Kurnool TL - the longest 300 KM highest voltage 765 kV D/C single transmission package ever awarded by PGCIL. The Project requirement included over 50,000 MT of structures and over 12 different types of towers, overall 30 unique structures.

    We completed supplies before time getting an appreciation letter from M/s Tata Projects Ltd., the EPC Contractor for the project.

  • 500 KV Mantaro-Montalvo Project (Peru)
  • Skipper successfully completed engineering activities for Mantaro-Montalvo Project in Peru and P1-Obras Nuevas de Transmission Troncal 1, 2, y3 Decreto 115/2011 Project in Chile. These projects required designing and testing of over 43 critical towers ranging from 220 kV to 500 kV - a large number of them meant to be deployed in extremely harsh mountainous conditions.

  • 800 KV Bipole Biswanath Chariyali - Agra line Packages A4 and A7
  • Skipper completed supplies of 40,000 MT to the prestigious 800 kV HVDC Bipole Biswanath Chariyali - Agra line which was the first line to use 800 kV structures in India.

  • 400 KV Multi Circuit and Double Circuit Punchkula Patiala Project
  • We commissioned company's first EPC transmission project - 400 KV Multi-circuit portion of Punchkula Patiala project.


Some of our other significant achievements include -

  • Skipper was chosen among a global pool of 20 large manufacturers to enter into an exclusive alliance agreement by Latin America's largest TSO for these projects.
  • Skipper Limited achieved the highest ever dispatch of 31,248 MT of Engineering Products in a single month March'15 which is a record for any Indian company.
  • We commenced production of Tower Accessories (Hangers / D-Shackles) to make Skipper the only 100% integrated T&D player in India having Angles, Towers, Fasteners, Accessories and EPC line construction in the same company.

Client Testimonials

"Skipper is one of our most dependable tower partners and we look forward to our association growing from strength to strength."

S.C. Jha
SBU Head & VP, Tata Projects Ltd.

"Over the past six years, Skipper has supplied 400 KV and 765 KV Transmission Towers to 7 of EMC's transmission projects. Their quality and commitment is quite good and we wish to take them as our preferred supplier in future also."

RK Shah
President, EMC Ltd.

"We are happy to have Skipper as a JV partner in 4 major Transmission Projects. Their product quality is excellent and their approach is highly professional and ethical."

BS Gill
Managing Partner, Ranjit Singh & Co.

"Skipper has been a Ramboll Manufacturing parther for more than 6 years and we have found them to be a fair and transparent Organization. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours."

Trond M. Bredesen
COO - Ramboll Towers India & Global Production Director

"Congratulations Skipper for successfully executing supplies for the difficult Multi-Circuit Towers (average tower weight more than 60 MT) to our Gaya-Kodarma T/L Project. We've found Skipper to be a reliable and quality-conscious manufacturer and look forward to working with them again."

Santosh Thakur
Director Shyama Power India Ltd.