Why Skipper

Skipper Limited ranks among the top 10 players in the global T & D business and top 3 in eastern India in the PVC pipes business and we didn't get there without our employees.

They have been the pillars of our success and simply due to the enormity of the contribution that our people have given, we at Skipper move mountains to maintain our workforce.

There has always been open communication between the management and the employees because the management realized very early that the people who can do a job are the ones who are best equipped to do it better. Hence we at Skipper believe in ideation from the employees themselves. To know more about opportunities at Skipper Limited, please click here.

Our People

Almost without exception, people management theorists have shown that real motivation comes from within an individual. Individuals develop such motivation when they feel that their efforts are valued and that they are doing something worthwhile and Skipper stands for that and much more.

Individuals who feel valued want to contribute to the success of the organization. At Skipper Limited, people, like its technology and innovation, are a source of competitive advantage. To make the most of this advantage, we always make sure that our employees are always involved in key decisions of our organization.

Skipper believes that there are many ways to make people feel valued and engaged. These range from a pat on the back, a personal letter or a special mention in a meeting, to a promotion or a higher salary.